• Intelligence that fits
    your business or call centre

    Key metrics at your fingertips

Poorly performing systems cost your business in time and profitability.
Get the data you need to make the correct decisions


Easy to use tools which provide insight into your business

From contacts, leads, documents and invoicing to project tracking, customer support and email archiving -  FirmLens is secure, easy to use and provides real-time reporting of key business metrics

Never lose a website or email sales query again

By integrating with your website contact form and sales email address, you will have a searchable database of leads and the peace of mind that all queries are being followed up on promptly.

Hosted securely in the cloud or in-house. You choose

If your company already has a data centre or server cabinet in your offices, we'll work with your IT department to provide an in-house hosted solution which offers increased access speeds and control over your data.

Works with the tools you already use

To guarantee a perfect match with your business, FirmLens has plugins for Windows, Linux & Mac file servers, Microsoft Outlook & Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, WebDav, Active Directory & popular accounting software

Benefits of FirmLens EMS

An Enterprise Management System provides a single source of information for everyone in your business.

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Unified Customer Dashboard

This one is probably familiar - post-it notes stuck on people's desks, paperwork around the office and important customer details sitting in one person's address book. Having information in different places or multiple systems not only wastes time for staff - but it also impacts on customer service, because no one has a single view of a client's history.

Project Management

The FirmLens project dashboard provides your team with milestones to track progress, calendar integrated tasks & activities, project document management, update feeds and ticket tracker - ensuring projects are kept on track and within budget.

The Mobile Office

An online CRM enables you to stay in touch when out of the office - Do your staff have to be chained to their desks to get work done, or can they be effective on the road? Imagine if sales people could update details from their device and it was instantly updated back at the office - or updated on your smartphone, wherever you are.

High Level & Drill-Down Reporting

Is pulling reports and getting business data more painful than it's worth? With dashboard reporting for the big picture & fully customisable drill-down reports, you can see sales forecasts, team performance reports and business data that's up-to-the minute

Greater Insight

A CRM provides valuable insight into your growing business. Do you still know exactly how your team is performing? Have you got visibility into every customer interaction - and the outcomes - or do you feel increasingly in the dark, as you become more hands-off?

Complete Contact Database

Contacts provides a unified address book for all employees. You can see information at a glance on the contact overview page such as contact details, comments from other mibers of staff, any pending activities and a history of updates made to the contact.

FirmLens: A CRM that fits your business

FirmLens is a fast and powerful Enterprise Management System with fully featured CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features.

Used by both small business and corporations, FirmLens is flexible enough to manage small growing businesses, professional practice's and multinational companies with hundreds of employees.

FirmLens integrates with:
    Google Drive
  • GMail calendar & contacts
  • Dropbox
    Microsoft Outlook & Office
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • HTML websites

Suitable for all business types including:
Enterprise :: Professional Practice :: Small Business :: NGO

Hosted as you like it, built to your requirements

FirmLens Cloud editions are hosted in state of the art data centres, with the latest redundancies and security measures in place to safeguard your content.

Our server cloud infrastructure is highly scalable and reliable, built on industry leading OpenStack technology. Databases are backed up daily and securely transferred and stored with military grade SSL encryption for disaster recovery purposes.

Based on the location of your business and to ensure faster access speeds, we can provide local hosting services in many countries.

FirmLens Self-Hosted edition provides companies who may already have investments in self managed data centres or on site servers with the flexibility to retain complete control over the storage, access and management of their EMS installation.

We will work closely with your in-house IT team to ensure that your server is managed according to industry best practices.

All of our services are remotely monitored from different locations around the world to track uptime and alert us of any service disruptions in real-time.

Features of editions

Cloud ProfessionalEnterprise / Self-Hosted
Leads & Opportunities
Document repository (optional plugins for
Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint & file servers)
Outlook, Thunderbird & Office Plugins
Mobile Access
Support for Google Apps (Calendar, Contacts & Documents)
Military grade encryption
Automatic off-site backups
Support via email, ticket system and
knowledge base
Google Contact and Calendar Sync
Advanced spreadsheet import / export
Custom branding / White-label  
Mailchimp, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Wix & HTML web form integration  
SMS Gateway  

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